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Additions: Building Up vs. Building Out

So, you have decided to build an addition onto your home.  Maybe you need more room for a growing family or maybe you want to enhance and update your living space.  Maybe you’re tired of the same old crowded space. Whatever the reason may be, you have a vital decision to make: to build up or… Read more »

Kitchen Cabinets: A Cornucopia of Options

Cabinetry defines the aesthetic of your entire kitchen. More than just a storehouse for your dishes, your cabinet selection can completely transform your cooking space and shape the finished design. In your kitchen remodel, choosing cabinetry can often be the toughest decision. Which design suits your personality and accents your kitchen best? With the abundance… Read more »

Tips for Choosing a Vanity and Vanity Top

There are no definitive rules for choosing a vanity and vanity top, however there are some tips to keep in mind to ensure that your choice is long-lasting and complimentary for years to come. Below are tips to consider when choosing a vanity and vanity top for your next bathroom remodel with Pelican Residential. Bathroom… Read more »

Choosing Kitchen Appliances

A kitchen’s primary function is for preparing and cooking meals, but in many households it is also the epicentre of family life. It is only fitting to choose kitchen appliances that compliment and complete your kitchen remodel. Depending upon your budget and preferences, you can determine which kitchen appliances are best for you and your… Read more »

Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

Planning for a bathroom remodel can be quite an adventure! It is an opportunity for you to express your style through decorations, color scheme, and bathroom fixtures. Working with the Pelican Residential, LLC team, the bathroom remodeling process can be both fun and exciting. When remodeling a bathroom some of your most important decisions are… Read more »

Big Changes to a Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t make a big statement. From minor design remodels to major, Pelican Residential, LLC is here to help you. Our team can make big changes to your small bathroom leaving you completely satisfied with the results. With the right layout, colors, lighting, and fixtures, you can achieve a… Read more »

Add Something Special to your Kitchen’s Design: Backsplash

Incorporating a backsplash into your kitchen’s design is a perfect opportunity to define your style and personality. Although this portion of your kitchen remodeling plan is small compared to other decisions, it can truly set a tone for your space. The first step to deciding on a backsplash is to determine your style. Do you… Read more »