Bathroom Trends: Tubs and Showers

BathroomIn the past, bathrooms were typically seen as purely functional. Today, bathrooms can be a place of luxury, relaxation, and beauty. With new trends and products creating the perfect bathroom haven is possible in your home.Consider incorporating a soaking tub or free-standing shower into your bathroom haven.

Imagine having a luxurious soak in a tub after a long day of work. That sounds appealing doesn’t it? Soaking tubs appear to be growing in popularity when remodeling or renovating bathrooms. Homeowners may enjoy the jetted, whirlpool tubs, but the therapeutic and unique style of a soaking tub is quickly becoming a trend when remodeling. Your own personal level of comfort and style can be achieved with soaking tubs as there is a wide selection of sizes from which to choose.

BathroomPerhaps soaking tubs do not fit your idea of relaxation. If this is the case, a spacious free-standing shower may be for you. Removing a tub for a luxurious and expanded shower to include mood lighting, multiple showerheads and beautiful glass tile is one way to create your bathroom oasis. Or consider adding the desirable, spa-like feature of a steam shower. Add a shower bench for extra comfort and your haven can be complete.

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