Big Changes to a Small Bathroom

small bathroomHaving a small bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t make a big statement. From minor design remodels to major, Pelican Residential, LLC is here to help you. Our team can make big changes to your small bathroom leaving you completely satisfied with the results.

With the right layout, colors, lighting, and fixtures, you can achieve a much larger feel to your small bathroom. Below are some tips to consider when planning your small bathroom remodel with Pelican Residential, LLC.

  • Lighting matters! Not all homes have windows in their powder rooms or hallway bathrooms. When natural light isn’t an option for your small space, choosing to install ambient and task lighting will really brighten things up. Task and ambient lighting will help create the illusion of much more space in your bathroom.

  • Avoid dark colors. Light colors on walls reflect light, making your bathroom appear more open and airy. This gives the feel that the light is natural. You can still choose bold colors as long as they aren’t too dark. Creative contrasts will not only look great, but allow the room to feel larger, too.

  • Add storage without taking up space. If you need cabinets, incorporating shallow cabinetry is a way to avoid taking up too much space. If you can go without that type of storage, a creative way to store and showcase items is by installing a ladder towel rack.

  • Larger mirrors are best. Mirrors can essentially double the light’s impact in your space, making the room grow visually. Consider larger/taller mirrors with lighting directly above.

  • Ditch the traditional vanity.   With so many options of smaller cabinets and sinks, including pedestal sinks, floor space can be gained while finding the look you really like.  Given that pedestal sinks do not come with cabinets/storage, less floor space is being used to accommodate these features.

A small bathroom does not have to cause big stress. With Pelican Residential, LLC., our team can help guide you throughout our bathroom remodeling process and give you large ideas for your small bathroom. Click here to learn more about the Pelican Residential process.

To contact our team for a consultation, please visit our website or call us at (301) 493-8908. Be sure to check out our minor and major bathroom remodels on Houzz for more inspiration!

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