Countertop Options for Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen remodels can be a lot of fun. As discussed in previous blogs, researching before making decisions regarding design options is imperative. With kitchen remodels, there are many elements to consider before finalizing plans. Pelican Residential is available to work with you to research the elements that accompany a kitchen remodel. In an effort to help with research, below are descriptions of some different types of countertops to consider when designing a kitchen.


The most popular option for kitchen countertops continues to be granite. Homeowners so often choose granite because it offers a high-end look with durability that is tough to beat. Although granite requires a bit of maintenance for its beautiful look, it wipes up stains and acids quickly. At least once a year homeowners will need to seal the granite countertop. The unique colors and patterns make the maintenance worth it.


Heat, stain, scratch, and acid resistant, quartz is a second popular option for kitchen countertops. Almost maintenance-free, quartz is a great option for the busy homeowner, offering a wide variety of colors and patterns.


Color, shape, and texture options are endless with glass countertops. This option may be expensive, but if you are looking for a modern, sleek, and clean look for your kitchen, the investment may be worth it. The most hygienic option for surface material, glass is perfect for homes with children. It is also stain-resistant. Spilled wine and other acids shouldn’t pose a problem.


A functional and cottage-like choice for kitchen countertops is wood. This heat resistant option is affordable and ideal for food prep. When properly sealed, wood is sanitary and ready for chopping fruits, vegetables, and meats.


A countertop option that is different, yet timeless is marble. The cost is comparable to granite and stains can be a problem over time. This makes it less appealing than granite, but still a beautiful option. Stains can be a problem over time when it is not sealed properly.


Laminate is great for the budget-conscious homeowner. However, laminate is weaker than granite making it likely to crack or deteriorate in its appearance over time. When cared for properly, laminate is a practical and affordable option. This type of countertop is available in a wide array of colors and designs to fit your kitchen’s re-design.

When remodeling with Pelican Residential, you will learn a lot about your home and yourself. We strive to find the best solutions for not just your home, but for you and your family.  Finding the best surface material for your home and lifestyle is important. We are here to help you throughout the entire kitchen remodeling process. Contact Pelican Residential today to learn more about kitchen remodels.



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