Kitchen Cabinets: A Cornucopia of Options

1Cabinetry defines the aesthetic of your entire kitchen. More than just a storehouse for your dishes, your cabinet selection can completely transform your cooking space and shape the finished design. In your kitchen remodel, choosing cabinetry can often be the toughest decision. Which design suits your personality and accents your kitchen best? With the abundance of styles, hardware, trimmings, overall finishes, and of course, prices, the task of selecting cabinets can be quite overwhelming. The experts at Pelican Residential help you select a style tailored to you that is also free of buyer’s remorse.

When you venture out to select your cabinets, generally you will have three options: inexpensive, ready-made stock cabinets, semi-custom built-to-order cabinets, and completely customized cabinets that are made to perfectly suit your specifications.

  • Stock cabinets are an excellent option for you if you are on a tight budget and want a quick turnaround time. They are the most economical, convenient and stress-free route, but the style and finish choices are somewhat limited. Stock cabinets usually start around $35 per linear foot and are ready to ship when ordered.
  • Semi-custom cabinets basically take stock cabinets to the next level with extra detailing options. With semi-customization, you have the ability to change certain dimension options to fit your needs, and a wider variety of styles, configurations and finishes. While more pricey than stock cabinets, you have the ability to personalize the design without paying for fully customized cabinets. Semi-custom cabinets start at less than $100 per linear foot.
  • Custom cabinets, of course, are the most expensive option, but provide you with the most original and individualized design. Because they have the ability to incorporate any details and features you desire, the turnaround time can be a few weeks to a few months and is much more labor-intensive. Generally custom cabinets start above $100 per linear foot.

The options for materials, designs, styles and finishes are overflowing. You have the ability to select from metal, wood, thermofoil, laminate, or eco-friendly materials, depending on the type of cabinet you choose. Door styles include flat panels, raised panels, slabs, and decorative accent doors. Designs range from traditional, including colonial to French Provincial, to modern and contemporary, including European fronts and high-gloss or matte finishes. When it comes to colors and finishes there’s an endless list of options, including stains, glazes, accent paints, foils and acrylics.

Choosing cabinetry can be such an exciting part of your kitchen remodel with the plethora of options available, but also can be quite daunting and demanding. Pelican Residential is here to assist you with your entire kitchen remodeling adventure. Choosing cabinets is only one step in the complete kitchen metamorphosis you’ll experience with our team.

We are here to inform you of your options and help you select the best design to meet your aesthetic and budgetary needs. Contact us today for a consultation from Pelican Residential!

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