Kitchen Tips: Lighting a Kitchen

Kitchen Lighting with Pelican Residential near DC, MD, VAIn order for a kitchen to be functional and look aesthetically pleasing, it must be properly lit. Kitchens without adequate light tend to be less appealing and can inhibit homeowners from performing everyday tasks in the space. When lighting a kitchen, it is best to remember five different types of lighting: task lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting, and natural lighting.

When chopping vegetables, slicing bread, making a sandwich, or completing other tasks in the kitchen, you will need a sufficient amount of lighting. This amount of  illumination can be achieved through a combination of overhead lights and under-cabinet lights. Task lighting should be directed to the work surface. For example, if you will be chopping vegetables on the counter beneath the cabinets, task lights under the cabinets is a great start.

Accent lighting is great for drawing attention to different design elements in your kitchen. To display your favorite pieces of china, or other tableware, use accent lighting in you glass-front cabinets. Accent lighting is also great for adding dramatic light to floors. Grabbing a snack in the middle of the night will no longer pose a problem because of lack of light.

Lighting that is not used as frequently as task or accent lighting is ambient lighting. This type of lighting typically serves as a subtle guide throughout the kitchen. Ambient lighting offers dramatic effect by lighting a specific cabinet or area of the kitchen at night. Ambient lighting also adds a warm glow to the kitchen, instantly welcoming those who enter. You can achieve ambient lighting through rope lights tucked behind crown molding, lights on top of cabinets, around cabinet bases and much more.

Of course, don’t overlook the importance of natural lighting. Natural lighting through windows or skylights can open up the kitchen, add ventilation, and make the space feel more inviting.    And finally, a great way to make your kitchen feel unique and interesting  is with a fabulous, decorative piece. Homeowners can utilize decorative fixtures, such as chandeliers, to help “complete” their kitchen.

No matter what your lighting needs are, Pelican Residential, LLC is here to help. We strive to find the best solutions for your kitchen and your family. Lighting is important when remodeling a kitchen. Our team is here to help you throughout the entire kitchen remodeling process. Contact Pelican Residential today to learn more about kitchen remodels.

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