Now is the time to prepare your kitchen for the holidays!

Are you hosting family this holiday season? Perhaps your kitchen simply needs updating. Either way, Pelican Residential is here to help! Preparing holiday meals and accommodating a large group of people can be tough in a kitchen that isn’t working well for you. Consider a remodel so every guest has a space at the dinner table and every meal is prepared to perfection!

With Pelican Residential, having your ideal kitchen before the holidays is possible. Some consider the kitchen the new living room. If this is true for you we can offer designs and selections that will make your space highly functional and attractive. Our goal is to give you the kitchen of your dreams.

Through our clear process, our team can assist you with every aspect of your kitchen remodel. From storage solutions and countertop preferences to built-in appliances and lighting, Pelican Residential is prepared to design and create your new kitchen.

The process begins with the initial contact. You can request a consultation through our website or by calling our office located in Bethesda, MD. Meeting with you allows us to discuss your kitchen needs, investment goals and wish list.  This guides the preliminary designs.  Once you choose the design, Pelican will develop construction documents and permitting. Construction begins once the project is approved. Upon completion of the project, you and your family will be taken on a walk-through of your new kitchen. The final step is to celebrate the remodel and enjoy the holiday season!

This time of year should be filled with happiness. A kitchen remodel will ensure that your family is properly welcomed and you are worry-free this holiday season! Begin the kitchen remodeling process today. Contact Pelican Residential for more information or to schedule a consultation. Be sure to view some of our kitchen remodeling projects on Houzz!


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