Additions: Building Up vs. Building Out

200345115-001So, you have decided to build an addition onto your home.  Maybe you need more room for a growing family or maybe you want to enhance and update your living space.  Maybe you’re tired of the same old crowded space. Whatever the reason may be, you have a vital decision to make: to build up or to build out.


A home addition allows you to finally gain that room you’ve been missing and turn your house into the ideal haven.  In order to achieve a seamless execution a distinct plan must be crafted. Considering your options carefully before you dive in is essential. Pelican Residential will collaborate with you step by step from planning to completion. Our in-house teams provide everything you need to design and build exciting new space in your home.


Building Up

If you want to keep the existing footprint of your home building up can be a great opportunity to gain more space.  Perhaps you have unused attic space that can become a second level to your home or can expand the existing second floor. It can be very advantageous, attractive and cost effective to use untapped space already under your roof.


You can expand your indoor living space without losing any outdoor living space. There is no need to worry about zoning issues or property line setbacks or neighbor interference. You will gain a new view that you’d never experience from the ground floor and have an opportunity to completely redesign the look and feel of your home.


The building up process can be intense and complex.  While creating this vertical expansion you will possibly need to set up shop in a rental or stay with a friend throughout the construction. Zoning issues regarding property height limitations need to be explored to create the best design possible for your new, exciting space.


Building Out


Many home additions commonly occur on the ground-level floor by building out.  With kitchen or living room additions, for example, building out horizontally can offer wide possibilities for creative space use and design.

Additionally, since building out happens outside of your current space, it won’t disturb your home life as much as building up. Usually you can keep your home functional and furnished throughout the building process, until the new space is ready to be integrated into the existing space.


Any addition requires careful consideration of the existing home and lot.  Zoning issues regarding property lines and distance limitations from neighbors need to be explored. Closely built neighborhoods or smaller land areas can pose some limitations to building horizontally.



There is no single correct answer to whether building up or building out is better since each house is as unique as its owners.  Both choices have advantages and both have limitations, but our team can help you create exciting design options to determine the best choice for you and your home. At Pelican Residential, we will collaborate with you throughout the entire home addition process, from design to construction, from inception to completion.


If you are interested in a home addition and need some guidance, contact Pelican Residential today!

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