Remodeling Your Empty Nest

empty nestSo, your child took the next step in his or her life by moving out of the house. This is an emotional, yet exciting, time for each member of the household. With the newfound space that your child has left behind, you have the opportunity to create something special just for you and/or your spouse by remodeling your empty nest.

If you have always had a dream for a craft room, a master suite for guests, a workout room, or perhaps a walk-in closet, take advantage of the changes and remodel your empty nest with Pelican Residential, LLC. Our goal is to transform your home so it accommodates your needs while reflecting your lifestyle.

We understand that all of this change can be daunting. However, change can be exciting if you are working with the right team. By contacting Pelican Residential, our team will consult you in order determine how we can remodel your empty nest into a fulfilling space. Through our design build process, we will assist you as you work towards embracing this exciting change.

The design build process is an abstract part of your empty nest project. It is a critical aspect to the completion of any project, though, as it forms the base and structure for our work together. Pelican Residential will guide you through our time-tested and effective method of remodeling throughout every step of the project.

Remodeling your empty nest may be one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner. Your home’s value has the potential to increase, and best of all, you will have a unique space in your home that is perfect for your new lifestyle. At Pelican Residential, our number one priority is satisfying our clients in the Washington Metropolitan area. Through building relationships, we have learned how to determine exactly what a homeowner desires. If you are ready to remodel your empty nest, contact Pelican Residential for a consultation, today!


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